Businesses looking for applications that need multi-region availability, very fast and reliable response and no single point of failure are increasingly looking to Cassandra as the platform of choice.

Whether you are considering using Cassandra for a proof-of-concept or for a production deployment, KPI’s Cassandra and DSE experts can assist your team at every phase of your journey.

DataStax and Cassandra Accelerator Packages

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datastax_hand_icon.png Initiate

As you embark on your project journey, KPI’s experts can assist you with your project roadmap and planning. We can provide:

  • Use case assessment and best practice recommendation
  • Architecture guidance
  • Project planning
  • Resource assessment and training recommendation

We know that you have a capable team. Our Cassandra and DataStax experts can collaborate with your team to address all aspects of application development and deployment. We can provide:

  • Cloud (AWS and Azure), hybrid and on-premise cluster design and installation
  • Conceptual, logical and physical data model design
  • Application development
  • Migration from other databases to Cassandra
  • Data ingestion
  • Security configuration
  • Enterprise search using Solr
  • Analytics using Hadoop or Spark
  • Performance tuning and advanced trouble-shooting
  • Production deployment
datastax_manage_icon.png Manage

Once you have deployed to production, KPI’s Cassandra and DSE experts can provide monitoring, proactive maintenance and incident management around the performance and availability of your application. We offer:

  • On-site or remote monitoring and incidence tracking
  • Root cause analysis and corrective action
  • Systems maintenance
  • Performance of required upgrades
  • Continuous improvements
  • Thread-pool management