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Free Course Offerings From KPIU

110: Data Warehousing Fundamentals

This self-paced training course presents a holistic view of data warehousing components, concepts, and definitions. From a systems-thinking perspective, you’ll see a framework that describes the building blocks and their interactions to generate real and measurable business value. The framework positions architecture as an essential foundation for a data warehousing system, then describes the five essential and enabling sub-systems of data warehousing.

111: ROLAP Fundamentals

This self-paced training course presents an introduction Relational OnLine AnalyticalProcessing (ROLAP) concepts, and definitions.  ROLAP is an essential concept for data warehousing systems, and its’ understanding is key to a successful implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence.

112: OLAP Fundamentals

This self-paced training course presents students to the fundamentals of OnLineAnalytic Process (OLAP) which is an approach to swiftly answer multi-dimensional analytical queries.  Typical applications of OLAP include business reporting for sales, marketing, management reporting, budgeting & forecasting, and financial reporting. 

115: ETL/ELT Fundamentals

Extract, transform and load (ETL) or Extract, load, and transform (ELT) are processes in database usage and especially in data warehousing that involve sourcing warehouse data from one or more business system. This instruction will expose students to the key concepts of each methodology preparing them for ETL tool specific training.

190: Data Warehousing Security & Governance

Data warehouse governance defines the model the organization will use to ensure optimal use and re-use of the data warehouse and enforcement of corporate policies (e.g. business design, technical design and application security). This self-paced training course introduces key terms and concepts helping to prepare team members for a successful Oracle Business Intelligence implementation.