Webinar: Oracle Student Information Analytics for Oracle Campus Solutions

From our live Webcast on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 and part of KPI's BI Apps Team presents... Examining Oracle BI Applications 11g: The Series.  The team provides a deep dive into the new Student Information Analytics functionality as part of the latest Oracle Business Intelligence Applications  release. 

Watch: Student Information Analytics for Oracle Campus Solutions

KPI's BI Apps Team Presents... Examining Oracle BI Applications 11g:  The Series


  • Part 1 - Introductions
  • Part 2 - Overview of Oracle BI Applications
  • Part 3 - Intro to Student Information Analytics
  • Part 4 - Exploring Student Information Analytics
  • Part 5 - Demo
  • Part 6 - Q & A

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is the leading student management solution for educational institutions.  The software suite provides institutions with support for the full student life-cycle as well as supporting the "business" of education.  

Watch this on-demand recording to see a deep dive into of the latest Oracle Business Intelligence Applications module for Student Information Analytics.  

Kumar Krishnaswamy, General Manager, KPI Partners
Ramana Nidugondi, BI Product Manager, Oracle

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Q&A Session

00:46 - Which ETL Tool Supports Student Information Analytics?

01:07 - Are there any other modules or subject areas required for Student Information Analytics?

01:54 - Is Student Information Analytics Part of Oracle BI Applications 11g?

02:23 - What is the lag-time for certifying bundles?

02:56 - Is Teradata supported with the release of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

03:40 - Have considerations been made for the Banner ERP system as it relates to Student Information Analytics?

04:33 - What version of Peoplesoft Campus Solutions is supported by Oracle Student Information Analytics?

05:06 - Is there any integration between Student Information Analytics and Essbase?

05:35 - What are the prerequisites for a customer to get started with Student Information Analytics?

06:35 - Can users authenticate from Peoplesoft before accessing Oracle BI Applications (SSO - Single Sign-On)?

07:17 - How can you source data from other applications?

08:00 - How does Oracle Student Information Analytics compare to Peoplesoft Campus Solutions Warehouse?

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