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Are you planning to migrate to Snowflake?

Perhaps you have questions about how Snowflake differs from traditional data platforms. Or, maybe you’re wondering about the best practices to accelerate your migration and put you on the path to success. We’ve got the answers.

Join Netgear, Snowflake and KPI as we share best practices and accelerators on migrating to Snowflake. Netgear currently uses Snowflake for reporting on IoT data from their network routers. They have been able to achieve significant performance gains in moving their reporting data from Hadoop to Snowflake.

Netgear: Migrating from Hadoop to Snowflake

Netgear is a leading manufacturer of networking equipment with annual revenues of $1.4 billion and over 1,000 employees. Netgear’s previous Router Analytics IoT application with JSON data was loaded to Hadoop and relied upon Tableau querying the Hadoop / Hive data. Tableau reports were taking over 20 minutes to return results which was unacceptable to the Customer business teams. Migrating to Snowflake on AWS was done in two phases. The 1st phase was to migrate just the end user tables from Hadoop to Snowflake. Report performance improved from 20 minutes to 7 seconds! After seeing the amazing results, Netgear moved 25 applications to Snowflake and retired their entire Hadoop platform. The result was business users ability to visualize millions of records instantaneously with Tableau and a 33% reduction in the costs from the prior Hadoop platform.

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Snowflake Cloud Data Platform 
  2. Netgear’s Manoj Thomas will share their Snowflake migration experience
  3. Migration methodology and best practices
  4. Demo of Accelerators and Migration Assessment Tool to make migration faster and more reliable
  5. Platform-specific best practices when migrating to Snowflake from Oracle Exadata, Hadoop, and Teradata

About KPI Partners
KPI Partners is a Gartner recognized data and analytics consulting firm with deep expertise in Snowflake. KPI has certified Snowflake consultants and pre-built solutions and accelerators for Snowflake.


Who'll Be Speaking?

Manoj Thomas Netgear KPI Partners

Manoj Thomas

Sr. Director of IT at Netgear

Jonathan Tao

Jonathan Tao

Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake

Darren Chilton KPI

Darren Chilton 

Director of Client Services at KPI Partners