Watch an On-Demand Demo: Relational DB to Databricks Accelerator

Watch an On-Demand Demo: Relational DB to Databricks Accelerator 



Are you ready to revolutionize your data migration strategy? Transitioning from systems like Snowflake or Redshift to Databricks not only modernizes your data platform but significantly enhances your analytical capabilities. Our specialized Snowflake/Redshift to Databricks Conversion Accelerator is designed to optimize this critical transition through a structured migration process.


Key Features of Our Migration Accelerator Include:


  • Structured Methodology: Our approach follows a phased process that includes discovery, assessment, scoping, preparation, and execution to ensure comprehensive data, object, and security migration.
  • Advanced Automation: Leverage our AI-powered tools for seamless code conversion and integration, ensuring a streamlined transition with minimal manual intervention.
  • Risk Mitigation: Our proven methodology and preemptive risk assessment minimize disruptions, safeguarding your operational continuity.
  • Enhanced Data Utilization: Post-migration, your data is not just migrated but optimized for Databricks, ready to drive advanced analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence.

About KPI Partners:

As a Gartner-recognized leader in data and analytics consulting, KPI Partners excels in multi-cloud integrations and is dedicated to delivering data solutions that drive competitive advantage. Our team of experts ensures your migration to Databricks is not just seamless but also transformative, enabling enhanced data agility and insight.


Accelerate Your Data Transformation: Discover how migrating to Databricks with the assistance of KPI Partners can reduce your time to value, decrease costs, and enhance your overall data strategy. 


Transform your data architecture with precision—partner with KPI for your journey to Databricks.


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Guest Speakers

Rushendra Prasad

Solution Architect - Data Engineering, KPI Partners