Migrating FSG Reports To Oracle BI Applications




Q & A Session

00:55 - What version of EBS and OBIA does KPI's solution support?

01:21 - How do we implement content sets and row orders in OBIEE?

01:46 - Is the FSG Subject Area sharing common dimensions with Financial Analytics or are they collected by the FSG ETL load?

02:38 - Are all the FSG Reports run directly from an EBS database or is there a data warehouse component?

03:15 - Informatica or ODI for data loads?

03:44 - How well does KPI's SLA solution fit into a customized Oracle BI Applications environment?

04:18 - Are FSG Changes automatically imported into OBIEE?

04:55 - Use BI Publisher for FSG Reporting?

05:34 - Does the solution ETL pre-calculate the FSG report content or does the ETL only load the report definition?

06:01 - Is Essbase integration mandatory?

07:03 - Can a customer self-install or is there a consulting component to this solution?

07:33 - Are FSG segment hierarchies or summary accounts taken into account during the migration to Oracle BI?

07:53 - What happens if a FSG report definition changes?

08:32 - Examples of performance improvements of FSG Reporting for Oracle BI vs FSG Reporting on Oracle E-Business Suite?

09:05 - Pricing & Licensing on FSG Reporting for Oracle Financial Analytics?

09:37 - Is Oracle Financial Analytics required to run KPI's FSG Reporting solution?

10:20 - Can FSG Reporting for Financial Analytics drill back to the EBS General Ledger and Sub Ledgers?

10:58 - Can The FSG Hierarchy be used in other OBIA reports?

11:31 - What is the timeline for a typical implementation of FSG Reporting for Financial Analytics?