DataStax vs. Cassandra Open Source

As opposed to the Apache Cassandra open source project, DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is a commercial software product, and is developed by DataStax for use as an enterprise database platform. Because the needs of those using open source software differ from those using enterprise software, the release methodologies for those two sets of software need to be distinct.

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Benefits of DSE over Apache Cassandra open source:

New Features and Extra Functionality

  • Advanced Indexing and Search: DSE Search makes it easy to index and perform complex real-time queries over large data sets

  • Powerful Integrated Analytics: DSE uses an enhanced version of Apache Spark to deliver both real-time and batch analytics enabling applications to display intelligent and personalized behavior

  • Multi-Model and Graph: DSE provides a powerful multi-model platform with support for key-value, tabular, JSON/Document and graph

Enterprise Developed, Tested, and Supported Software

  • DSE delivers the only production certified version of Cassandra to the market and is the only version of Cassandra which ensures that both current and previous versions of DSE Cassandra are stable and trusted for production environments

  • DataStax carries out testing, tuning and troubleshooting across a wide range of environments before any new code from open source projects becomes part of their subscription products

  • Support is a standard offering with DSE but with Apache Cassandra, you might have to rely on the support of the developer community.