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Webinar: Unlock the Value of your ERP Data
(Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft, JDE and SAP) with
Talend, Snowflake and KPI Cloud Analytics


Is your march towards becoming a data-centric organization falling flat and taking too long to execute?

  1. Is getting data out of your ERP systems taking too much time?
  2. Is the complexity of your ERP data resulting in slow ETL and reporting performance?
  3. Are there opportunities to make money or reduce your costs by sharing your ERP and non-ERP data with customers and suppliers in a secure manner?

We’re on a mission to help ERP users (Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft, JDE and SAP) remove these roadblocks that limit your access to actionable HR data and insights. Join Talend, Snowflake and KPI to see a demo of KPI Cloud Analytics for ERP (a free accelerator) using state of the art Talend and Snowflake technologies and the BI tool of your choice!

During this session, we will highlight:

  1. Introductions
  2. Key reporting requirements for Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft, Oracle ERP Cloud and JDE Customers
  3. Limitations of traditional solutions
  4. Overview: KPI Cloud Analytics for ERP with Talend and Snowflake
  5. Talend overview
  6. Snowflake overview
  7. Demo: KPI Cloud Analytics for ERP with Talend and Snowflake
  8. Wrap up and Q&A

About KPI Partners
KPI Partners is a Gartner-recognized data and analytics consulting firm with extensive experience in Snowflake and Talend. KPI has certified Talend and Snowflake consultants and pre-built solutions and accelerators for Snowflake and Talend for a number of verticals and niches.


Who'll Be Speaking?

Brian Dominguez
  • Brian Dominguez

Director of Client Services at KPI Partners

Jonathan Tao

Jonathan Tao

Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake

Norbert Krupa

Norbert Krupa

Solution Architect at Talend