Video: Collaborate 12 - Fixed Asset Analytics For Oracle BI



Fixed Assets are long term tangible piece of properties owned by a firm. This module not only captures the complete life cycle of an Asset from its inception till retirement but also captures the dataflow from other modules like Projects, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

Oracle does not provide any out of the box analytics for Fixed Assets and hence we have built a custom BI solution which helps customers to analyze the Asset information more efficiently and make better decisions. The following presentation explains some of the common business problems that can be solved using Fixed Assets Analytics.

This presentation covers the following 

  • Introduction to Fixed Assets
  • Common business requirements that can be answered using Fixed Assets Analytics
  • Overview of the data model
  • Integration with other Financial Analytics modules
  • Demo of a few Fixed Assets dashboards

Fixed Assets Analytics Implementation For AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres is the second largest movie theater chain in North America with over 5000 screens and located in multiple locations across North America and Europe. This implementation of Fixed Assets Analytics for AMC was particularly interesting because of the complex nature of the business and the flow of data across modules.

Speaker:  Pavan Nanjundaiah | KPI Partners