On-Demand: Migrating FSG Reports To Oracle BI Applications

Learn how your organization can simplify the generation of financial reports through enabling FSG Reporting on the Oracle Business Intelligence platform.


  • Part 1 - What is an FSG Report?
  • Part 2 - Options for FSG Reporting In Oracle BI
  • Part 3 - Demo - FSG Reporting for Financial Analytics

FSG is a report-building tool for Oracle E-Business Suite used for creating financial statements such as the income statement, trial balance, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. FSG reports typically are complex to build, difficult to maintain, and do not provide the modern analytical capabilities that exist with the Oracle Business Intelligence platform.  

Watch this on-demand recording to see how the innovators at KPI Partners have extended the Oracle BI Applications to support Oracle E-Business Suite FSG Reports.  Kumar Krishnaswamy and Pavan Nanjundaiah will show how your organization can simplify the generation of financial reports through enabling FSG Reporting on the Oracle Business Intelligence platform.  The team explores:

  • What is the Financial Statement Generator in E-Business Suite?
  • Business scenarios for FSG Reporting
  • Differences between Oracle EBS FSG Reports and standard Oracle Financial Analytics
  • The migration of complex FSG reports from Oracle E-Business Suite into Financial Analytics
  • A demonstration of how KPI's FSG Reporting for Financial Analytics can simplify financial statement generation and create enhanced interactivity. 

Pavan Nanjundaiah, Oracle BI Applications Guru
Kumar Krishnaswamy, General Manager, KPI Partners

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Q & A Session

00:55 - What version of EBS and OBIA does KPI's solution support?

01:21 - How do we implement content sets and row orders in OBIEE?

01:46 - Is the FSG Subject Area sharing common dimensions with Financial Analytics or are they collected by the FSG ETL load?

02:38 - Are all the FSG Reports run directly from an EBS database or is there a data warehouse component?

03:15 - Informatica or ODI for data loads?

03:44 - How well does KPI's SLA solution fit into a customized Oracle BI Applications environment?

04:18 - Are FSG Changes automatically imported into OBIEE?

04:55 - Use BI Publisher for FSG Reporting?

05:34 - Does the solution ETL pre-calculate the FSG report content or does the ETL only load the report definition?

06:01 - Is Essbase integration mandatory?

07:03 - Can a customer self-install or is there a consulting component to this solution?

07:33 - Are FSG segment hierarchies or summary accounts taken into account during the migration to Oracle BI?

07:53 - What happens if a FSG report definition changes?

08:32 - Examples of performance improvements of FSG Reporting for Oracle BI vs FSG Reporting on Oracle E-Business Suite?

09:05 - Pricing & Licensing on FSG Reporting for Oracle Financial Analytics?

09:37 - Is Oracle Financial Analytics required to run KPI's FSG Reporting solution?

10:20 - Can FSG Reporting for Financial Analytics drill back to the EBS General Ledger and Sub Ledgers?

10:58 - Can The FSG Hierarchy be used in other OBIA reports?

11:31 - What is the timeline for a typical implementation of FSG Reporting for Financial Analytics?