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EBS Process Manufacturing

Case Studies

About Food and Beverage Company

KPI's client is a $4 billon+ US-based milk processing and marketing cooperative owned by 500+ farmers.


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Business Needs

The client manufactures dairy products at various plants and distributes them to US and international customers. The client needed a robust analytical system to track the manufacturing processes and the related costs accurately. The client also needed to track and monitor the utilization of various resources across various manufacturing plants


Selection Process

Darigold selected KPI over multiple vendors through a rigorous RFP process. KPI's experience and knowledge of process manufacturing and successful implementations of analytics in both discrete and process manufacturing environments were key differentiators. In addition, KPI's blended onsite and offshore model minimized Darigold's cost and risk.


What KPI Delivered

Robust out-of-the-box manufacturing data models for various functions of process manufacturing, including material and resource usage, production planning, costing, lot genealogy, production cycle time, and exception handling.
  • An effective ETL framework and interface to handle different scenarios and provide in-depth analysis, including point-in-time analysis
  • Production costing, allowing users to build complex costing reports
  • 150 reports on five dashboards
  • Reporting tables to improve report performance and provide cross fact table analysis

Business Benefits

  • Process manufacturing analytics paved the way to meet the ever-changing reporting requirements related to their manufacturing processes
  • Provides operational and analytical insights into process bottlenecks, raw material consumption rates & associated costs, and finished product movement
  • Facilitated creation of ad hoc reporting with all data-enabled in subject areas for easier report construction
  • Security ensured through the object and data-level security that mimicked what was their role and responsibilities in the ERP system


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