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HCM DW on Snowflake and Power BI

Case Studies

About Technology Company

KPI's client is a $6 billion+ US Semiconductor company based in Phoenix with over 36,000 employees.


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Business Driver

The client did not have an analytical solution for the HCM application to cater to business users with the demand of business intelligence and high-performance reports, Ad Hoc reporting capabilities. 


Selection Process

The client selected KPI over multiple vendors through a rigorous RFP process. KPI's expertise in Snowflake and Power BI was the key differentiator for the client in addition to KPI's blended shore model to minimize the cost and risk for the client.


What KPI Delivered

Snowflake-based Analytics Warehouse system for data from HCM Cloud Applications. KPI delivered the box solution for Core HR, Performance and Goals, and Compensation modules and a complex security model for HR reporting to ensure more secured, accurate, and timely reporting needs for business.


KPI delivered HR analytical solution and complex security models were implemented on Snowflake cloud data warehouse along with Power BI as reporting solution and Apache Airflow used for ETL scheduling, orchestration, and monitoring purpose.


Business Benefits

  • Optimized Power BI analytical reports compared to existing operational reports
  • Automated data quality checks to ensure data lake is accurate prior to ETL loads
  • Implemented centralized data security layer to ensure underlying tables are not being exposed to users as HR data is more sensitive and compliance regulated
  • Implemented Airflow to run 200+ jobs which include scheduling and monitoring the ETL jobs
  • Users now have the ability to perform Ad Hoc reporting and can subscribe to pre-built dashboards to have detailed insights on the HCM application


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