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Implementing a Global BI Strategy

Case Studies

About Food and Beverage Company

KPI's client restaurants are found in 118 countries and territories around the world and serve 68 million customers each day. Our client operates over 35,000 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1.7 million people. The company also operates other restaurant brands.


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Business Drivers 

An initial implementation done by "Big 5" consulting company left significant gaps in the client's desire to have a global 24x7 BI strategy. Performance issues were impacting user adoption and 24x7 availability. Oracle E-Business Suite was the primary data source and several complex data quality issues were exposed.


The client needed to ensure that business intelligence best practices were followed during their simultaneous ERP system implementation. The client also needed to ensure that the ERP implementation was of the highest quality. 



KPI Partners completed a thorough health check of the client's existing business intelligence environment that had been customized for their finance department. A strategic road map was constructed to help guide the client along a path towards achieving their goals:


  • A customized strategy for 24x7 business intelligence at the client
  • Optimized performance for modern analytics
  • Scalability
  • An efficient strategy for data integration and extract-transform-load (ETL)
  • Proof-of-concept solution for global financial analytics


KPI made the recommendation to the client for a simultaneous enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) deployment using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), and Oracle BI Applications (OBIA). With the strategic consulting expertise of KP's client was able to:


  • Utilize their BI platform to validate conversion data
  • Expose data quality issues in their Oracle E-Business Suite instance
  • Elevate the quality of their Oracle E-Business Suite implementation
  • Apply industry best practices for ERP implementation 
  • Fill significant performance, data quality, and scalability deficiencies left following an initial implementation completed by a "Big 5" consulting company
  • Implement a global 24x7 business intelligence strategy
  • Resolve performance issues that had been impacting user adoption 
  • Accommodate 24x7 availability to increase user adoption


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