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Leveraging Tableau, SQL & SSIS

Case Studies

About Technology Company

Company is a leading manufacturer of network security equipment with annual revenues of $285 M and over 900 employees.


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Leveraging Tableau, SQL & SSIS

Business Driver

Analyze HR, sales, finance data, and prepare analytical reports in Tableau. Make Tableau reports visible to customers all the time. Retrieve data from Salesforce using SSIS on the SQL Server database.


Selection Process

Customer evaluated many consulting companies but selected KPI Partners because of KPI's expertise in Tableau, SSIS and SQL Database/DWH. In addition, KPI proposed a team with 100% offshore team resources to minimize cost and risk for the customer. 


What KPI Delivered

KPI proposed Tableau for its analytical capabilities and SSIS for ETL process along with database Maintenance. KPI has developed around 60 reports in Tableau which tells a story about their Revenue, Profit, and Expenses.


Created more than 45 KPIs to give Business insights to customers such as


  • Bookings Growth: Regional Revenue growth over time by Products, Modules, New Customers, Existing Customers and Maintenance.
  • Bookings vs Plan: Region, Regional Directors, Sub Regions.
  • Expenses: Amount spent on Travel, Salaries and other Expenses. Multiple reports have been delivered like Sales Representative Analysis, Deals & Discount analysis, HR-Attrition.
  • Environment:
    • Tableau: 10.2 Version (Desktop/Server)
    • Database: SQL Server 2017 (14.0)
    • ETL: SQL Server Integration Services 2015 VS

Business Benefits

Automated Excel reports, provided parameterized reports in Tableau so that they can use them in the future.

SQL Server Database is a perfect option as a base for Tableau reporting.  Tableau has helped the customer visualize millions of records and see Business growth. This project benefited customer by leveraging their existing excel reports into Tableau. It has also helped and encouraged teams to further deep dive into the data and find key relationships which help their business grow.


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