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Matillion ETL for Snowflake on Finance and Quality Analytics

Case Studies

About Manufacturing Company

KPI's client is a $1.7 billion+ global wind turbine manufacturing company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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Business Driver

Client struggled to wrangle point of sale (POS) data sets from their different sites in the USA, Turkey, Mexico, India & China, along with meaningful analytical insights and dashboards for Finance, HR, Manufacturing, and Production Quality.


Selection Process

Recommended by Snowflake, KPI Partners was able to resolve implementation issues and report backlog. KPI's expertise in Matillion, Snowflake, AWS, and Power BI was the key differentiator. In addition, KPI’s blended shore model helped to minimize overall cost and risk for the client.

What KPI Delivered

Matillion based data engineering and analytics solution from Snowflake for Finance, HR, Manufacturing & Quality. KPI also delivered a complex data mapping program to map Products to different types of blades to ensure more accurate reporting.

KPI delivered automated data standardization and Power BI data sources that could hook into other systems/files to allow users to build complex reporting and visualizations about point of sale data.

Business Benefits

  • Data is made available daily instead of weekly for faster decision making
  • Users gained the ability to easily slice data by location, site, customer, product, date, etc. to increase sales
  • Rapid integration from diverse data sources is happening across sites, helping the Business to create and analyze new KPIs to increase revenues and decrease costs
  • Optimized the process for reporting on finance and quality data
  • Accomplished data standardization
  • Automated the manual reporting process
  • Closed data gaps between client’s customers and client’s internal data
  • Optimize reporting to different sites (USA, Turkey, Mexico, India & China).
  • Reusable processes with restart-ability and recoverability
  • Business users can easily explore their complex data without days of data preparation in Excel


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