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Migrating to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Case Studies

About Education Company

KPI's client is one of the largest Public Research Universities in the world, with an annual endowment of $4.64 B and over 40,000 students.


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Business Driver

To migrate their existing legacy DB2 source system to the new PeopleSoft 9.2 Campus Solutions for the Student Information Systems module, leveraging the existing warehouse tables and reporting structure while keeping them largely unchanged. The university also required continuing support to this system.

To convert existing HR and Payroll systems, which were hosted individually at their different campuses to a centralized system at client's campus.


Selection Process

KPI proposed utilizing a team with 100% offshore resources to minimize cost and risk for the customer.


What KPI Delivered

Client uses Informatica as the ETL Tool. Student Information Systems comprises of Student Curriculum and Student Demographics. This solution involved revisiting and redesigning the existing ETL to keep the warehouse unchanged. The PeopleSoft data was loaded into newly created staging tables. This data was then loaded into the existing warehouse, by rebuilding the ETL, in in-line with the newly created design. The existing warehouse (tables, views, materialized views) was modified slightly to incorporate new requirements and features that are now available with PeopleSoft.


The same procedure is being followed for the HCM module and HRMS module that are also in the pipeline.

KPI is also supporting all the modules - both legacy and new. The legacy systems will be retired when the new systems go live and stabilize.


Business Benefits

The new PeopleSoft Campus Solutions data warehouse drives a set of reports: old and new - that give the business an immediate understanding of the most popular classes, the student's diversity: ethnicity, nationality, background - their varied academic and non-academic interests and performance, helps the faculty to identify grey areas in courses and correct them. This system also gives the students near real-time information on their academic progress, grades, and financials: grants, loans, scholarships, etc. The system also incorporates faculty performance management.


The finance, payroll, and HR data are now controlled and consumed centrally, by the client office of President, rather than each branch managing its own resources. The new system streamlines financial processes across the client eco-system enabling better management of financial resources.


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