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Migration of Analytics & Reporting from Oracle to GCP

Case Studies

About Sunrun

The company is a residential solar electricity provider. With operations in 23 states, it is one of the largest solar, storage, and energy services company in the US.


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Business Driver

To migrate the existing analytics platform on Oracle to Google Cloud.


Selection Process

KPI has a long-term relationship with the client and was already involved with Sunrun's existing BI platform. Due to good exposure to client business processes and ability to scale on new technologies. The client partnered with KPI Partners, a Google Cloud Authorized Services Partner of the Google Partner Network, and became the preferred partner of GCP migration. 


What KPI Delivered

Informatica cloud was leveraged to extract data from Salesforce and Oracle EBS, which are the primary sources along with some other applications for the analytical needs of Sunrun business.


All the extracts are stored in Cloud Storage and BQ and then are consumed either directly for reporting or for further processing by Python scripts in case of complex transformations.


Using Python scripting & effective use of Big Query capabilities, KPI built a robust ETL process that has capabilities to automatically determine dependencies based on the source and target defined for ETL processes and carry out the ETL execution based on that. The system also boasts a well-defined error handling and troubleshooting mechanism that logs the detailed error and generates meaningful alerts in the event of failures encountered during the ETL run.


The ETL process is a mix of classic ETL batch processes and micro ETLs that are neatly tied to a well-defined orchestration mechanism written in Python by KPI.


On the reporting end, KPI in partnership with the client's technical & functional team has built a strong and user-friendly reporting layer that has good acceptance from Sunrun business users. 


Business Benefits

Ad-hoc/Real-time analysis has helped the business to get better insights from their data.

Moving to Google Cloud has helped Surun to bring down its IT costs. With enhanced computing power from GCP and big query, the need to build a physical dimensional model is no longer there and this has drastically reduced the development time.


Looker has helped the customer visualize millions of records and find market trends. It has also helped and encouraged teams to dive further into the data and find key relationships that help their business grow.


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