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Oracle Transportation Management (OTM Cloud) Analytics

Case Studies

About Food and Beverage Company

KPI's client is a 250+ Million US Dairy Agricultural manufacturing and marketing company based in Seattle with over 1,250 employees.


  • Oralce OTM


Business Driver

Client's Transportation Management System users were struggling to consolidate their Delivery or Shipment Information with existing Sales & Manufacturing data and derive meaningful analytical insights and dashboards. They had an existing extraction process with limited capability with five days of data extraction and could not provide historical insights.


Selection Process

Client selected KPI over multiple vendors through a rigorous RFP process. KPI's expertise in Cloud Technologies, Pre-built Accelerators, OTM, EBD, OBIA, and OBIEE was the key differentiator for the client.. In addition, client chose KPI's blended shore model to minimize the cost and risk associated with the engagement.


What KPI Delivered

Integrated KPI Cloud Analytics for OTM with OBIA-OBIEE system which widely enabled users to get quick insights on a single platform. KPI designed and delivered a complex solution with this integration approach.

KPI delivered an automated data replication process from KPI's Cloud Analytics ETL Framework to load data to the on-premises environment and which was further used to load into the integrated OBIA warehouse. KPI also delivered nine seven distinct OTM Process-specific custom subject areas to cover most of the client OTM business functionality.


Business Benefits

  • Exhaustive Replication of Cloud Data to On-Premises with a robust and automated ETL framework leveraging Web Service calls
  • Processed historical data of 4 plus years
  • Designed and Developed warehouse Data Model to meet the business reporting requirements
  • Created seven Subject areas covering Order Release, Shipments, Stops, Costs, Tenders, and Invoices.
    Repeatable processes with restartability and recoverability
  • Created approximately one hundred measure columns and approximately 40 reports with seven dashboards
  • Handling of data exceptions from the client like deleted records at source and white space issues
  • Data is made available daily with all the historical insights and a very quicker data processing time with ODI
  • Warehouse model and data were plugged into Power BI for creating user-centric ad-hoc reports


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