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Optimizing Billing and Meter Management with Oracle Utility Analytics

Case Studies

About Major Utility Company

Major Utility Company is one of the largest utility providers in the US with over 20,000 employees and covering over 5.2 million households providing both electricity and natural gas to its customers.


  • Oracle-BI-KPI Partners

Business Needs

Major Utility Company needed to retire its legacy data warehouse and reporting tools (including mainframe applications) and move to a modern BI architecture leveraging pre-built solutions to lower their cost of ownership. Major Utility Company also needed to convert 215,000 legacy Brio reports to Oracle BI.


Selection Criteria

Major Utility Company evaluated many software solutions but selected Oracle Utility Analytics as it was a pre-built data warehouse for Oracle's Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) solution to reduce cost, timeline, and risk.


Major Utility Company selected KPI Partners because of KPI's deep expertise in Oracle BI and Oracle Utility Analytics and application maintenance with large volumes of data. Also, KPI's BI Report Conversion Utilities could automate the conversion of 215,000 Brio reports.


What KPI Delivered

KPI delivered an Oracle Utility Analytics-based solution that was extended to case management and six other data sources. The solution leveraged GoldenGate to ensure minimal performance impact on CC&B. KPI converted 215,000 Brio reports to Oracle BI using KPI's Report Conversion Utilities.


Business Benefits

The new Oracle Utility Analytics data warehouse refreshed 3 times faster than the previous data warehouse. Users get their data the next day instead of waiting 2 days as in the past. This helps streamline the month-end close process.


Retiring the mainframe reporting application lowered TCO and increased business agility.


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