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Oct 03, 2023: KPI Partners: Accelerating Business Growth with Modernization and Monetization of Data Assets


KPI Partners: Accelerating Business Growth with Modernization and Monetization of Data Assets 

Published By: Analytics India Magazine

October 03, 2023 | By Analytics India Magazine

KPI Partners, a leader in digital transformation, is dedicated to accelerate business profitability by providing customized data analytics and digital transformation services and solutions to address the unique needs of each client. 


KPI Partners, established in 2006 by Sid Goel and Kusal Swarnakar, is a leading provider of cloud-native solutions for Generative AI, Analytics, business intelligence, data management, and data engineering. With a team of over 600 professionals, they offer cloud-based services focused on scalability, security, and user-friendliness. Recognized by industry analysts, KPI Partners provides a comprehensive suite of services including business intelligence, analytics, Generative AI,  data science, data engineering, data migration, data visualization, data governance, and cloud consulting. 


Their clientele includes Fortune 500 companies, and have headquarters in Newark, California, with offices across North America, and Asia. KPI Partners assists organizations in achieving their business goals through their dedication to top-notch Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions, emphasizing the importance of data analytics and digital transformation in today’s fast-paced business landscape. The company’s primary industry focus areas include High Tech, Manufacturing, CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), Retail, Banking, Insurance, and Higher Education, reflecting their profound commitment to these thriving domains.


In an interview with Analytics India Magazine, the Founders, Kusal Swarnakar and Sid Goel speak about how KPI is transforming businesses with cloud-native solutions for data analytics and artificial intelligence.


KPI Partners: Accelerating Business Growth with Modernization and Monetization of Data Assets


Analytics India Magazine (AIM): Looking back, how and why did the company start? How much has it grown from its inception until now?


Founders of KPI: In 2006, we came together at Siebel Systems with a shared vision of harnessing the power of data and analytics to empower organizations. This led to the establishment of KPI Partners, where our mission was to provide comprehensive services and expertise to Fortune 500 companies in need of business intelligence and analytics. 

Our priority is to help customers overcome business challenges through industry best practices. With over 600 consultants and 350 clients, we have experienced significant growth and completed over 1,000 projects. We offer flexible delivery models.


Headquartered in Newark, KPI Partners is a full life cycle data and analytics services company including Cloud Enablement, and expertise in data and analytics areas such as Data Warehouse, AI, and Cloud Migration. We maintain partnerships with leading vendors like AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, and Databricks while ensuring unbiased recommendations for our customers.


AIM: What challenges did you face during the initial months of founding KPI Partners?


Founders of KPI: In the beginning of our venture, establishing trust and credibility with potential clients was a major challenge. We focused on being a niche player in the competitive market, specializing in complex projects. Our dedicated efforts were focused on providing exclusive solutions, including various offerings such as Cloud ERP & HCM Analytics, Real-Time Analytics, and Marketing Analytics. Our team of experienced consultants brought extensive expertise to the table. 


Through our technology specialization and ability to solve business problems, we have achieved growth and success, earning the trust of Fortune 500 companies.


AIM: KPI Partners is leading the industry by making businesses easier. Could you brief on the different solutions and services that you offer to make it possible? 


Founders of KPI: KPI Partners is dedicated to simplifying and managing business processes. By utilizing tailored technologies and strategies, we help clients gain insights, reduce risks, and automate their processes. Our services include strategy, data engineering, cloud migration, data management, analytics, visualization, and AI, enabling organizations to make informed decisions, enhance revenue, and increase profitability.

We offer expertise in leading analytics platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP, Snowflake, and Databricks. We help our customers harness the potential of modern analytics, leverage their data assets for profitability, and achieve cost savings during their transition to cloud computing.


We implement DataOps, MLOps, and DevOps methodologies using tools like Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, and AWS CodePipeline, facilitating efficient and collaborative data and machine learning operations. We specialize in marketing operations and analytics using platforms like Adobe and Google Marketing Platform, optimizing marketing strategies and enhancing customer engagement.


Our data management solutions ensure data quality, governance, and compliance across the organization, utilizing platforms like Informatica MDM, Collibra, and Stibo. We provide data engineering services to build scalable data pipelines using technologies like Spark, ETL, Databricks, AWS Glue, and Azure Data Factory.


With expertise in Python, Databricks, AWS Sagemaker, and other tools, we deliver data science and AI/ML solutions, unlocking actionable insights and enabling intelligent decision-making. We offer database services for efficient management and security using platforms like Snowflake, Synapse, Red Shift, BigQuery, and Oracle autonomous databases.


Moreover, our expertise extends into the realm of Generative AI, where KPI Partners excels in delivering innovative solutions that are expertly crafted to elevate and streamline various aspects of business operations. Our flagship product, KPIGPT, harnesses the power of Generative AI to cultivate a more engaged and intelligent workforce by leveraging enterprise data. Through tailored, intelligent solutions, we empower organizations to enhance performance, drive efficiency gains, and fortify their competitive edge. Our unified Intelligent Search Solutions and Knowledge Management System offer an intuitive platform for swift and efficient retrieval of enterprise data and insights, revolutionizing data access while saving precious time. 


With a holistic approach, KPI’s Generative AI solutions optimize processes across customer service, financial services, insurance, sales, supply chain, human resources, and legal functions, delivering heightened efficiency and superior outcomes. Moreover, we prioritize data security by implementing robust safeguards and Generative AI guardrails to ensure the protection of our client’s valuable data.


In summary, KPI Partner has emerged as a prominent force in the realm of digital transformation, leveraging the capabilities of AI to propel business expansion.


AIM: KPI Partners has become a leading name in data analytics and digital transformation across many sectors. What was your growth plan?


Founders of KPI: KPI Partners’ growth plan has been crucial in establishing its leadership in data analytics and digital transformation. We attribute our success to several strategies. 


Firstly, we expanded our reach globally by opening new offices and providing assistance to diverse customers, establishing a strong presence in various regions. Secondly, we diversified our product and service offerings to meet evolving customer needs and market demands, offering comprehensive solutions aligned with industry trends. 

Thirdly, we prioritized research and development, investing in accelerators to adopt innovative approaches, and harnessing cloud-based technologies. Additionally, strategic partnerships with leading vendors enhanced our capabilities and service offerings. Lastly, our focus on customer satisfaction built strong relationships and a reputation for excellence. These initiatives have solidified KPI Partners’ position as a trusted partner in driving business success through data-driven insights and digital solutions.


AIM: What is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the company?


Founders of KPI: KPI Partners distinguishes itself in the market through its unique offerings and exceptional capabilities in modernizing and monetizing data assets.

The accelerators provided by KPI Partners offer several advantages, including shortened timelines, reduced risks, and lowered costs. These accelerators are detailed below



  • Oracle Fusion Cloud Data Extractor
  • Data Quality Validator
  • KPI’s ADF++ Accelerator
  • KPI’s Airflow++ Accelerator



  • Line of Business (LOB) Analytics for Snowflake
  • Migration from Oracle / SQL Server to Snowflake
  • Snowflake Cost Optimization Application
  • Snowflake Security Automation Application
  • Snowflake Data Governance Application
  • Data Quality Validator for Snowflake



  • KPIGPT Accelerator for Insurance
  • KPIGPT Accelerator for Banking
  • KPIGPT Accelerator for Recruitment



  • KPI Partners offers pre-built Line of Business (LOB) analytics solutions that are compatible with various cloud platforms, including Financial, HCM, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Project Management, CRM Sales, CRM Marketing, Order Management, Transportation, Real-Time (EBS), Higher Ed, and Trade Analytics.



  • KPI Partners provides Power BI accelerators for easy migration from OBIEE, Tableau, and Qlik to Power BI, as well as a Power BI Email Bursting Accelerator.



  • KPI Partners offers utility tools for migrating data from Oracle to BigQuery and Snowflake to BigQuery, as well as a Marketing Analytics solution tailored for Google Analytics.

Thus, KPI Partners’ unique selling point lies in its comprehensive suite of accelerators and pre-built analytics solutions, which not only reduce costs but also enhance efficiency and data management across various platforms.


AIM: What is your current team size? How do you promote a culture of growth and have a high employee retention rate? 


Founders of KPI: KPI Partners currently has a global team of over 600 employees. We prioritize growth and a positive work environment, leading to high employee retention. We follow key practices including professional development through learning and upskilling programs, mentorship and coaching, and monthly, quarterly, and annual performance recognition. Transparent communication is maintained through regular updates and feedback mechanisms. Work-life balance is important, with flexible arrangements and well-being initiatives. 


Collaboration is encouraged, fostering a sense of belonging and collective growth. Competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and attractive perks are provided, contributing to employee satisfaction. These practices aim to create a positive work environment that values employee contributions and promotes retention, believing in the importance of investing in their development and well-being.


AIM: What is the roadmap ahead for KPI Partners in the next 5 years?


Founders of KPI: We are actively seeking new opportunities in different markets and regions to expand our presence. Our goal is to meet the needs of clients through various models, including Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore, and a unique Blended model. 

To achieve this, we are investing in research and development, acquiring top talent, leveraging innovative technologies, and forming new alliances. Our long-term vision is to become a leading industry leader by strengthening our brand presence and exploring untapped markets. We are focusing on strategic marketing, continuous innovation, and the development of exceptional products.


AIM: KPI Partners is one of the leading global consulting firms focusing on providing strategic, technological, and digital transformation solutions to its clients. What message do you want to convey to the readers?


Founders of KPI: We are a company that specializes in data and analytics, helping businesses thrive in the rapidly advancing digital age. Our team of expert consultants has a proven track record and extensive experience in architecting, engineering, migrating, and managing big data clusters. 


We empower customers to harness the full potential of modern analytics, all while capitalizing on the value of their data assets and achieving cost savings during their transition to the cloud.


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