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May 11, 2023: Into the Cloud: Deliver a Modern Data Ecosystem while Migrating from On-prem legacy ETL Solutions with Ease



Into the Cloud: Deliver a Modern Data Ecosystem while Migrating from On-Prime ETL Solutions with Ease

The most complete end-to-end platform for modern data management

Are your cloud modernization initiatives providing you with the opportunity to abandon your on-prem ETL software? There has never been a better time to consider your options. Talend can assist you in making the transition to the cloud with an architecture that has been optimized for the move.

Talend combines data integration, data integrity, data governance, and application and API integration in an industry-leading platform that works with virtually any data source, destination, and architecture. And whatever your data environment, Talend helps you deliver even more value through deep partnerships, integrations, and native compatibility with top cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, and more.


KPI Partners is a 4-time Gartner-recognized data and analytics consulting company having multi-cloud expertise with 100% of the data and analytics technologies. KPI has solutions to help you create a cloud-optimized data architecture while migrating from solutions like Informatica PowerCenter and IBM Datastage.


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