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Rajesh Ramachandran


Rajesh Ramachandran, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Rajesh Ramachandran is a highly experienced professional serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at KPI Partners. With a strong understanding of US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), revenue recognition, legal aspects of customer and vendor contracts, and employment laws, Rajesh brings a wealth of knowledge to his role.
In addition to his expertise in US GAAP, Rajesh also possesses an appreciation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), further enhancing his understanding of global accounting practices.
Rajesh has played a crucial role in the coordination of Series B funding efforts and asset-based lending, showcasing his financial acumen and ability to secure necessary resources for the company's growth.
One of Rajesh's key strengths is his outstanding relationship-building skills. He has successfully collaborated with key stakeholders across departments and cross-functional teams, even in complex political situations, to derive team consensus for setting twelve-month rolling budgets. His ability to foster collaboration and alignment among diverse perspectives has contributed to effective financial planning and decision-making.
Rajesh has extensive experience working with various ERP and accounting systems, including Oracle 10.7, SAP, Great Plains, and QuickBooks. He is proficient in using MS Office and ActiveData, enabling him to leverage technology for efficient financial analysis and reporting.
With excellent analytical and communication skills, Rajesh is adept at synthesizing complex financial information and effectively conveying it to stakeholders at all levels. He ensures that financial data is easily understood and utilized to drive informed decision-making within the organization.
Having dealt with international operations, Rajesh has gained valuable experience in navigating the complexities of global business environments. This expertise allows him to address unique challenges and implement strategies tailored to specific international markets.
Rajesh's specialties also include designing fraud-related internal controls, drafting ethics documents, implementing best accounting practices to develop usable metrics, preparing capital and operating budgets, and monitoring budgets versus actuals. His hands-on accounting experience using GAAP further strengthens his ability to provide accurate financial insights and drive financial performance.
In summary, Rajesh Ramachandran is a highly accomplished Vice President of Operations at KPI Partners. With a deep understanding of accounting principles, extensive experience in financial management, and strong interpersonal skills, he plays a crucial role in driving the company's operational and financial success.

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