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Enhancing Enterprise Conversations: Secure and Personalized ChatGPT Deployments with Azure Integration

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KPI Partners is 4 times Gartner recognized vendor for Data and Analytics solutions. 

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  1. Empower Enterprises with Effortless Integration of Cutting-Edge Conversational AI through KPIGPT on Azure Infrastructure.
  2. Maintain Complete Control: KPIGPT Safeguards User Interactions within Your Azure Environment, Allowing IT Teams to Oversee both Interactions and Costs.
  3. Swift and Dependable Deployments: KPI Partners Offers Expert Front-End Development and Implementation Services.
  4. Harness the Power of Microsoft Azure Cloud: KPIGPT Utilizes Azure's Unmatched Security, Services, Reliability, and Scalability for a Wide Array of Use Cases.

Security and Optimal Control

  1. KPIGPT places utmost importance on enterprise security, safeguarding data and intellectual property within the Azure ecosystem.
  2. Gain complete control and transparency over access and expenditures through your Azure subscription, empowering you to manage both effectively.
  3. KPIGPT guarantees that all user interactions remain within your Azure environment, enabling your IT team to seamlessly monitor and oversee user engagements and costs. Additionally, customize output filters to further mitigate potential risks.

Use KPIGPT Accelerator to deploy custom GPT and LLM solutions faster


Unlocking Tailored Experiences

Empowering customization through branding, role-specific instances, fine-tuning, plugin development, usage tracking, cost management, and content moderation.

Clustering & Anomaly

Amplifying Model Performance

Enhancing default models by integrating internal resources like handbooks and FAQs, bolstering outcomes for specific use cases.

NLP & Computer Vision

Empowering Enterprise Insights

Enriching KPIGPT capabilities by training and implementing custom models tailored to the organization's unique data.

Comprehensive Generative AI Solutions for Enterprise Success

Accelerating Value-Driven Transformation

Leverage KPI to efficiently assess use cases, infrastructure, and feasibility, enabling the creation of a tailored enterprise-wide roadmap for Generative AI that maximizes business value. 

Tailored Solutions for Line of Business Excellence

Streamline internal document Q&A, custom moderation, API integrations, and other functionalities to support scalable Line of Business use cases, including IT, HR, and support, among others.

Precision and Optimization

Access finely tuned models for targeted use cases, ensuring optimal cost efficiency, and seamlessly integrate with Power BI for advanced analytics capabilities.