KPI Partners provides strategic guidance and technology systems that transform data into insight for retail clients wishing to solve the most complex analytical and operational reporting challenges in the retail industry.

KPI’s experience with analytics is rooted in the origins of decision support systems. With successful projects all over the world, the KPI team is the most decorated group of experts on the planet.



Point-Of-Sale Analytics

Support millions of retail transactions with modern analytics that track transactions down to a level that identifies a single POS terminal, employee, and exact time of a purchase. This is critical as retailers attempt to measure and improve promotion effectiveness, employee productivity, and product affinity without compromising system performance.

Store & Product Profitability Analytics

KPI provides a 360 view of store performance via detailed store measurements such as profitability, traffic, sell-through, conversions, and promotional metrics.

Promotion Analytics

KPI focuses on marketing effectiveness and retail store performance in the analysis of promotions and discounts.

Seasonality & Same-Day Sales

Traditional ERP reporting systems struggle to properly support the unique financial calendars required for retail analysis. KPI has developed flexible and customizable dashboards that help answer complex retail business questions such as, "What is my season-to-date sales and variance from last year's season for Wool Sweaters?"

Merchandise Planning

Merchandise planners are under increasing pressure to have the right inventory available in the right location at the right time. KPI provides tools to reduce costs associated with merchandise planning through accurate and customized visibility into supply and demand metrics.

Same-Store Sales Reporting

Many business intelligence solutions treat same-store sales reporting as an afterthought. However, these metrics form the backbone of indicators used to judge the health of a retail organization and watched closely by Wall Street and a retail company's C-suite.  KPI solutions are built from the ground up to seamlessly provide this analysis.

Marketing Analytics

Understand which actions will build more profitable relationships with customers, how to generate better ROI from marketing programs, and how to transform the flood of social media data into successful marketing strategies. Marketing analytics helps marketers of all roles make smarter decisions and improve outcomes.

Loyalty Analytics

KPI helps businesses make sense of the vast amounts of data generated through personal, societal and industrial interactions, such as social media, mobile devices, geo-location, media, digital sensors, point of sale and automation.

Demand & Inventory Velocity Analytics

Store managers and planners often spend hours trying to determine what items are selling at what velocity and if they’ll have enough inventory to meet demand. KPI’s Retail BI solution seamlessly ties Demand and Inventory data into easy to read reports that highlight where demand is outpacing inventory or where inventory is outpacing demand.

Customer 360° Analytics

By leveraging big data sources, businesses can gain a much more complete understanding of customer behavior. Why do they buy, how they prefer to shop, why they switch, what they’ll buy next, what factors lead them to recommend a company to others? To gain a 360 view of the customer, organizations need to be able to leverage internal and external sources of information, along with strong master data management, to assess customer sentiment.     Family Dollar     Hayneedle


Wiliams Sonoma     Le Chateau

McDonalds     Bare Escentuals



“KPI is my partner of choice for everything from strategy development to project delivery.”

 -- Rob Bogan, VP of IT, Williams Sonoma


Next Steps

Vision Workshop
Vision workshops are key to any successful technology solution deployment. It is the meeting of the minds between the business users, implementation team and internal IT where we discuss business drivers, goals and success criteria for the project.  This workshop is also used to educate any participant with the capabilities of the BI application so that users do not feel constrained during requirements gathering based on their past experience with an older generation solution.  Watch Video: Vision Workshop >>

Retail BI Strategy Review
Start off on the right foot. KPI participates in the early planning stages to evaluate your organization’s readiness to launch a business intelligence initiative and develop an effective strategy for moving forward.  We work with management to identify a high-priority, manageable initial scope, develop justification, and establish a roadmap for subsequent phases.  Our team delivers a summary report that outlines our findings and specific recommendations.

Our key mission is to ensure organizations are successful in choosing and deploying the most appropriate complimentary technology solutions to meet their business challenges.  KPI experts work with customers to prototype their solution in the cloud or on-premise to prove those solutions will work in realistic scenarios on real-world systems.

Customizing an application to meet an organization’s specific needs  requires expert industry and domain knowledge as well as expertise with underlying application's sources. KPI's industry background, our knowledge of application sources, and our expertise in Analytics, BI, Data Integration, Cloud Services, and ERP makes us unique.

Managed Services
KPI’s Managed Services offers continuous day-to-day management of responsibilities and functions for complex decision support platforms as a method for improving operations and cutting expenses.