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Azure HD Insight and Tableau on POS Analytics

Case Studies

About Manufacturing Company

KPI's client is a $1 billion+ US manufacturing company based in Milwaukee with over 1,000 employees.


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Business Driver

Client's Commercial Sales and Retail Sales organizations struggle to wrangle point of sale (POS) data sets from their channel business partners such as Home Depot, Walmart, etc., both EDI and non-ED vendor portals to create meaningful analytical insights and dashboards.


Selection Process

The client selected KPIs from multiple vendors through a rigorous RFP process. KPI experience in Hortonworks Hadoop, Azure, EBS, and Tableau was the key differentiator for a client, in addition to KPI's blended shore model to minimize cost and risk for a client.


What KPI Delivered

Hadoop-based POS Analytics system for data from files and client's Oracle EBS EDI tables.  KPI also delivered a complex lookup program to map retailer part numbers to client's part numbers to ensure more accurate reporting. KPI delivered an automated data standardization and Tableau data sources that could hook into other systems/files to allow users to build complex reporting about point of sale data tying out to store attributes, custom calendars, targets, etc.


Business Benefits

  • Optimized the process for reporting Point of Sale data
  • Accomplished data standardization Automated the manual reporting process
  • Closed data gaps between customers and client's data
  • Optimize reporting to channel Partners (Home Depot, Walmart, etc).
  • Repeatable processes with restartability and recoverability
  • Users can easily explore their point of sale data without days of data preparation in excel
  • Data available daily instead of weekly Users gained the ability to easily slice data by product family, store attributes, product attributes, etc.
  • Users now have the ability to perform uplift analysis on promotions to gauge the effectiveness of promotions


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