KPI is a Tableau RSI Partner with deep expertise and pre-built solutions and accelerators for Tableau. As a recognized thought leader, KPI is often asked to train on Tableau’s behalf for many of its clients.

KPI Cloud Analytics for Tableau

KPI Cloud Analytics enables the integration of enterprise applications (cloud and on-premise) using Tableau technologies to provide an end-to-end system capable of comprehensive cross-functional analytics.

With a pre-built data model, pre-built ETL, and pre-built Tableau data sources, workbooks and visualizations, KPI Cloud Analytics gathers information from multiple sources and drives insightful decision-making across the enterprise. This solution can be deployed both in the cloud and on premise.

KPI Accelerators for Tableau

Tableau Software Visualization Consulting

KPI has delivered dozens of Tableau projects across many data sources in many industries. KPI has developed leading visualizations and has particular expertise in using Tableau on Oracle applications (EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE), Hyperion, Hadoop and Big Data.

Tableau Server Installation

Having implemented a large number of Tableau Server environments, including some of Tableau’s most recognized clients and some of the largest deployments on record, you can be sure that yours will be done properly.

Tableau Server Performance Tuning

Since your Tableau environment is often very custom, it can be difficult to understand what goes into perfecting performance. KPI Partners can review your environment to understand the root issues and recommend steps to improve performance.

Tableau Server Upgrades

When the time comes to upgrade, KPI Partners guide you through the process. Having been involved with Tableau since their early years, you can rest assured that you’re working with a reputable team that has mastered the process.

Tableau Server Training

Whether you’re an end user looking to gain some efficiency or a seasoned administrator looking to understand Tableau Server’s underpinnings, we can help.

Tableau Desktop and Visualization Training

KPI's Tableau training will help you master building interactive Tableau dashboards, learn data visualization and will prepare you for Tableau certification exams. You will also learn Tableau desktop and public integration with R and big data. It is best suited for software developers, BI professionals, system and IT administrators.

Learn how KPI helped a leading data communication company improve their financial reporting at 2x the speed and 75% cheaper with KPI Cloud Analytics.

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