KPI is a Talend Affiliate Partner, System Integrator and global provider of consulting, mentoring and training services for the Talend suite of products. KPI has Talend Certified resources in both the US and offshore.

Top 5 Reasons to Use KPI for Your Talend Data Integration Projects

Talend Data Integration Projects

Accelerators for the Top 4 Talend Use Cases

Talend Use Cases

#1 Governed Data Lake

Building the right features into your data lake architecture from the start is critical for ensuring that you can work with the data in the ways you need. KPI can help establishing right data governance, create data catalog, enable search and ensure data security leveraging Talend’s suite of data integration and data governance platform products

#2 Data Warehouse Modernization

Data warehouse modernization is a top concern for many companies. With Talend’s suite of data integration and data governance platform products, KPI can help evaluate the right approach (lift and shift vs greenfield approach) to build data warehouses in cloud.

#3 Cloud Data Processing

Real time, big data and streaming data needs to customers can be very easily and effectively made available to customers using Talend’s Big Data and Real Time suite of products. KPI can help setup, migrate, and integrate real time data needs in the cloud.

#4 Migrate Pre-Built BI Applications to Cloud

KPI Cloud Analytics for Talend enables the integration of enterprise applications (cloud and on-premise) on industry standard databases like Snowflake, Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics, Google Big Query etc. to provide an end-to-end system capable of comprehensive cross-functional analytics.

With a pre-built data model, pre-built ETL, and pre-built analytics, KPI Cloud Analytics gathers information from multiple sources and drives insightful decision-making across the enterprise.

Migrate Pre-Built BI Applications to Cloud

What Customers Get with KPI Cloud Analytics

So, you have decided to standardize your data pipelines using Talend. Join us for our upcoming webinar with Talend and Snowflake to see an exciting demo of KPI Cloud Analytics for ERP (a free accelerator) using state of the art Talend and Snowflake technologies and the BI tool of your choice!

The registration deadline is fast approaching. Don’t miss out on this informative webinar.

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