Enhanced insight and decision support to improve sales close rates and pipeline predictability

Today’s fast-paced business climate demands that decision makers stay in tune with their revenue cycles. The data stored in Salesforce and other front office systems can provide actionable insight to the business leaders. KPI’s Integrated Salesforce-ERP Analytics integrates data from Salesforce Sales Cloud with these other systems to help executives increase revenue, pipeline predictability and sales effectiveness.


Sales Pipeline Salesforce ERP

How is the business performing?
Are we going to hit our sales targets?
What should be the focus of sales and marketing?
How can we increase sales process efficiency?


Integrated Salesforce-ERP  Analytics is built on an HTML5 platform compatible with all mobile devices.

Increasing the Value of the Sales Cloud

Salesforce allows enterprises to easily manage a sales process. Customers now want to analyze the entire campaign-to-cash process by integrating Sales Cloud data with marketing solutions, commission management solutions, quote tracking solutions, and order management solutions. Customers also want to track how and why pipelines change and how to forecast better.  

Integrated Salesforce-ERP Analytics provides a one-stop solution for business leaders to analyze their campaign-to-cash process flow and improve overall sales effectiveness.


Deal Risk Profile Chart on the Deal Risk Dashboard

Dashboards, such as the Deal Risk Dashboard, allow business development teams to identify which opportunities are the most important.