KPI Cloud Analytics on Oracle works with various source systems including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, JD Edwards, SAP, NetSuite, and Salesforce.


Cloud Analytics-on-Oracle-Logical-Architecture


  • Supports accelerated delivery Pre built analytical content for ERP, HCM, and CRM. Get results quick
  • Connects to popular Oracle On-premise and SaaS solutions
  • Leverages the Oracle Cloud for Data, Data Integration, and Analytics

Some of the key features that KPI Cloud Analytics offers on the Oracle platform

  • A comprehensive BI and analytics platform that delivers a full range of capabilities—including interactive dashboards, ad hoc queries, mobile analytics, notifications and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, and scorecard and strategy management
  • KPI Cloud Analytics on Oracle leverages the power of Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OAC) to deliver dynamic reports and advanced visualiztions within a cloud-based environment
  • Enable companies to gain maximum return from Oracle’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems quickly by connecting on-premise and cloud-based applications at a lower cost than other solutions
  • KPI’s pre-built subject areas, reports, and dashboards help to accelerate implementation of Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OAC)
  • Built and Scale any BI tool on On-premise and SaaS solutions
  • Support for data visualizations, reports, ad-hoc queries, analytical modeling, and integration enhancements for new data sources

Proof of Value

KPI's Proof of Value demonstrates the feasibility and business benefits of a targeted use case for KPI Cloud Analytics on Oracle. Contact us to learn more about KPI's out-of-the-box proof of value for one module of your choice.

KPI's Proof of Value will take 3 weeks and help you to:

  • Pre-determine the ROI of implenting KPI Cloud Analytics for Oracle
  • Demonstrate the solution architecture in your test environment with relevant data sources
  • Confirm how analytic insight will convert to actionable business value within your operational and/or management environment