Are you looking to migrate your traditional on-premise data warehouse to the cloud? KPI has an extensive experience in migrating multiple customers from Oracle to Snowflake. Our unique KPI Data Accelerator: Oracle to Snowflake Migration Utility allows your organization to migrate your existing Oracle database to Snowflake within a week !


Migration of Oracle Database to Snowflake

KPI Data Accelerator

The KPI Data Accelerator allows your organization to transform and transfer your existing Oracle database to Snowflake automatically. Within a week you will have your full Oracle dataset in Snowflake to allow you to begin:

  • Performance comparisons between Snowflake and Oracle
  • Evaluate Snowflake features and capabilities

With KPI Data Accelerator you can reduce the data migration time, effort and cost by 90% over manual migration methods.

Customer Value Proposition

KPI can also assist your organization in migrating or optimizing your existing data integration processes to Snowflake. KPI has experience with a variety of ETL tools - Spark, SnowSQL, Informatica, ODI, Matillion, Talend, etc.

If your objective is to transform your organization into a truly data-driven business, then you’ll want to sign up for a quick demo with our migration utility experts.