KPI Cloud Analytics for Amazon Web Services works with various source systems including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, JD Edwards, SAP, NetSuite, and Salesforce.



KPI Cloud Analytics for Amazon Redshift - Architecture



  • Pre-built solution lowers implementation costs
  • Faster time to value - quickly mine insight and knowledge from your enterprise data
  • Leverages Amazon Redshift best practices for ETL and querying for blazing performance
  • Works with client’s choice of BI tools including Tableau, Oracle BI, QlikView, Looker and Amazon QuickSight

Some of the key features that KPI Cloud Analytics offers on the Amazon Redshift platform:

  • Redshift gives our customers a huge advantage over the competition by improving query performance on datasets of any size and significantly reducing implementation and ongoing management costs without compromising security standards
  • Cost effective - Our customers can start immediately without a large upfront software payment. They then have a variety of options to scale and fine-tune allowing a lower cost environment that turns into a competitive difference maker.
  • With Redshift we’re able to provide our customers impressive data loading throughput, allowing ETL workloads previously unattainable with most conventional platforms
  • Redshift is a truly elastic cloud resource, enabling low-friction scaling and DR options
  • Redshift allows building, testing and deploying solutions in a fraction of the time required by traditional data warehouse solutions
  • Adapatable and builds/extends on existing systems: With Redshift based on Postgres 8.0.2 and support for connectivity using ODBC/JDBC, customers' existing BI and reporting systems can be easily integrated with the Redshift platform
  • Leverage the entire AWS suite - Customers can leverage the full stack of AWS Analytics and Big Data products and services to build robust and quick-to-market solutions

Proof of Value

KPI's Proof of Value demonstrates the feasibility and business benefits of a targeted use case for KPI Cloud Analytics for Amazon Redshift. Contact us to learn more about KPI's out-of-the-box proof of value for one module of your choice.

KPI's Proof of Value will take 3 weeks and help you to:

  • Pre-determine the ROI of implenting KPI Cloud Analytics for Amazon Redshift
  • Demonstrate the solution architecture in your test environment with relevant data sources
  • Confirm how analytic insight will convert to actionable business value within your operational and/or management environment