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Netezza to Snowflake Migration

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  • KPI Partners Netezza to Snowflake Migration
  • Snowflake SQL

Migrating Netezza Database to Snowflake Including Cognos Data Manager ETL to Snowflake SQL



Migration strategy and implementation expertise required to migrate Netezza to Snowflake and repoint Cognos and MicroStrategy reporting to Snowflake.


The Before State

  • Cognos data manager ETL jobs loading data from various sources to Netezza
  • Netezza has a centralized data warehouse and data marts
  • Cognos and MicroStrategy reports pointing to Netezza
  • ETL load times are high and some of the Cognos and MicroStrategy performance reports do not meet business requirements


The KPI Partners Solution

  • KPI Partners designed a meta-driven ETL framework to bring data from the cloud staging layer to the warehouse and marts
  • KPI Partners migrated over 50+ databases and all other supporting objects to Snowflake
  • KPI Partners rewrote ETL transformations in Snowflake by leveraging Snowflakes dynamic stored procedures
  • Implemented ETL jobs by creating Snowflake parallel tasks and optimum utilization of the Snowflake Warehouse
  • Repointed Cognos reports, and MicroStrategy reports to Snowflake databases


The After State

  • 3 Years ROI to be $3+ Million. Savings in Netezza license renewal cost and migration to the cloud
  • Cognos and MicroStrategy repointing to Snowflake with improved report performance
  • Enabled business users and downstream with raw source data in the customer's Lake database on Snowflake
  • A new meta-driven ETL framework enables ETL admins to configure data-loading parameters


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