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Teradata to Snowflake Migration


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  • Oracle BI
  • Snowflake-2
  • IBM Data Stage

OBIEE Reporting re-pointing from Teradata to Snowflake



Migration strategy and implementation expertise needed for OBIEE repointing from Teradata to Snowflake.


The Before State

  • OBIEE pointing to Teradata with explicit limited support
  • Snowflake is identified as an enterprise database, with no connectors, strategy and implementation expertise to repoint OBIEE to Snowflake
  • Datastage ETL jobs loading data to Teradata


The KPI Partners Solution

  • Sequelink set-up for OBIEE to Snowflake connectivity
  • Performed deep-dive analysis for all critical dashboards and reports to fix the defects raised after repointing to Snowflake from Teradata
  • Migration strategy of historical data load and Datastage ETL Jobs repointing from Teradata to Snowflake



  • $300K+ direct savings in Teradata support license renewal cost
  • OBIEE repointing to Snowflake with improved report performance
  • Repointing all Data stage ETL jobs to load data to Snowflake tables instead of Teradata


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