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SAP Reporting with Tableau, Snowflake and Matillion

Case Studies

About Life Sciences Company

KPI's client is a public company that manufactures synthetic DNA for clients in the biotechnology industry.


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  • Matillion KPI Partners

Business Driver

Reporting on Financial, Sales, and Operations data from SAP, Salesforce and in-house systems was cumbersome and time-consuming. Results didn't agree across multiple reports and needed consolidation to a single source of truth. They needed assistance in migrating from Redshift to Snowflake.


Selection Process

The company evaluated many consulting companies but selected KPI Partners because of KPI's expertise in BI, Data DW, Tableau, Matillion, and Snowflake along with cloud technologies. In addition, KPI proposed a team with 100% offshore team resources to minimize cost and risk for the customer.


What KPI Delivered - Tableau

  • Statutory and Management reporting for Finance using Tableau.
  • Primary revenue dashboard which is consumed by top management
  • Developed Backlog reports on Snapshot data which is built using ETL
  • Creative Visualizations for financial and sales data

What KPI Delivered Snowflake and Matillion

  • Proposed Snowflake architecture
  • Configured SAP extracts to extract the data out of SAP incrementally
  • Streamlined and Standardization of ETL process using Matillion. Configured to schedule incremental loads 4 times every day
  • Automated ETL process with no manual intervention
  • Developed framework using Matillion to gather ETL statistics

Business Benefits

  • Consolidation of similar data from multiple sources to have a single source of truth
  • Accelerated the process of internal management reporting
  • Automated report distribution to top management
  • Budget vs. Actual reporting for improved financial management


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