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How Do I Get From Hyperion IR/Brio to Oracle BICS?



Hyperion IR to BICS

On February 4th, KPI Partners was joined by representatives from Oracle for a webinar which profiled the reasons an organization may consider a migration from Hyperion Interactive Reporting/Brio to Oracle Business Intelligence Consulting Service (BICS).


Oracle is recommending that Brio/Hyperion Interactive Reporting customers move to their business intelligence platform and if your are feeling the pressure to migrate to another solution, you are not alone. Moving to Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Services (BICS), Oracle's new cloud-based platform for business intelligence and decision support, is an option for many Brio/IR customers. Oracle BICS has many of the features that Brio customers love such as an easy modeling environment and the ability to do data mashups.


Panelsist shared proven methods for moving from Brio/IR:

Part 1 - Why Migrate From Hyperion IR/Brio?
Part 2 - What Are My Options?
Part 3 - What Is Oracle BI Cloud Service?
Part 4 - Oracle BICS & Brio Demo
Part 5 - How Do I Get From Hyperion IR/Brio to BICS?
Part 6 - Next Steps

An abbreviated preview is available below. �Watch the entire session here.


Watch: The Mass Migration From Brio To Oracle BI Cloud Service


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