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Using Level-Based Measures in OBIEE


by Naresh Meda

What Is A Level-Based Measure?

A level-based measure is a column whose values are always calculated to a specific level of aggregation. Here is an example of a level-based measure using a Products and Revenue table.  A level-based hierarchy is created for Products as follows:
By default, when we drill down within the products hierarchy from Brand level to Product level, the corresponding Revenue drills down to Product level.


Level-Based Measures in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)

If we want to view the revenue aggregated to the Brand level then:

  • We create another measure called 'Brand Revenue' which is a duplicate of 'Revenue' in the repository (RPD).
  • Click on its properties and in the 'Levels' tab specify the logical level as 'Product Brand' for Logical Dimension 'H2 Product'.  Save the RPD.
  • When Brand Revenue is dragged into our analysis, it shows Revenue for Brand level, no matter how far we drill down from the Brand level.

Naresh Meda is Lead Consultant at KPI Partners.  He has specialized in the area of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Data Integration. Check out Naresh's blog at


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