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$14 Million ROI. $500K Realized In First Week.

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About Power Management Company

The corporation is a diversified power management company and a global technology leader in electrical components and systems for power quality, distribution and control; hydraulics components, systems and services for industrial and mobile equipment; aerospace fuel, hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial and military use; and truck and automotive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety. The company has approximately 70,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 150 countries.


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The First Implementation of Oracle BI Applications Using 10+ Oracle & Non-Oracle Data Sources Leads To A $14 Million ROI.

Customer Need

The company lacked a single consolidated global view of its sales organization. The desire was to create an application that would facilitate the ability to refresh business intelligence data multiple times per day and accommodate 24 x 7 user access.

The highest level of performance and data accuracy was imperative. The ability to reconcile against various source systems and the consolidated financial system was required. Monthly manual ad-hoc reporting had hindered consolidation efforts to date.


Solution Overview

This project was the extremely complex initial phase of a large multi-year effort that focused the implementation of Oracle BI Applications- Sales Analytics and the inclusion of multiple ERP systems. Over 10 data sources were leveraged, making this the largest source system effort for an Oracle BI Application deployment to date. These systems are integral pieces to the Order- To-Cash process at the company.

With the implementation of Oracle BI Applications- Sales Analytics, the company now has all data together in one consolidated view for the first time in their corporate history.

"My 'Pricing' users are now OBIEE addicts."

Manager, Industrial Division Power Management Company


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The First Implementation of Oracle BI Applications Using 10+ Oracle & Non-Oracle Data Sources Leads To A $14 Million ROI.



Because of the grand scale of this effort, several notable challenges were encountered and overcome. The biggest challenge was determining how to leverage so many Oracle and non-Oracle data sources. Several factors had to be considered when executing the deployment of arguably the most complex implementation of Oracle BI Applications in the world. Considerations were made, and best practices were developed, for scalability, system upgrades, and performance.


"Something that used to take all-day now takes 30 seconds."

Power Management Company



The data model was extended well beyond the out-of-the box analytics to provide the opportunity to analyze all key data from non-Oracle data sources using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). Realized Price Index (RPI) The company wanted the Sales Analytics data model to be extended to equip them with a global view of product pricing based on customers and geography. The Realized Price Index (RPI) model resulted in eliminating redundancies where organizations were buying a product from a particular foreign geography because the given product was priced cheaper at one location versus another location. Purchasing based on regionalized pricing was effectively hurting the overall global product margin.


Why Oracle?

The company coveted a solution with a centralized model that could be shared across all business units. The Oracle solution fulfilled this need. In addition, the company utilizes several ERP and CRM applications that fall under the Oracle umbrella. The company's BI Council wanted to take advantage of the pre-built analytics available within Oracle's BI Applications.


Why KPI Partners?

As the most experienced systems implementation partner focused on Oracle BI & EPM, KPI partners was chosen because of their expertise within Oracle BI and related technology. KPI Partners has successfully implemented the most complex deployments of Oracle BI in the world and the project at this power management company would arguably be ranked as the most complex Oracle BI Implementation ever.

KPI Partners also offered global delivery capabilities that leverage a blended-shore model with a combination of high-value on-site experts and lower cost offshore resources.



The company immediately reaped the benefits of a mind-numbing global BI Applications deployment of in 28 countries, across 15 transactional systems, within a 6-month deployment, that realized a ROI in 1 week.

Oracle Business Intelligence is now the enterprise-reporting standard at this company. User adoption within the company's Industrial and Electrical Sectors is very high. The system currently supports over 400 users who are experiencing response times ranging from 0-30 seconds.


"This tool is indeed serving as a foundation for integrating the rest of sales and orders for our division. OBIEE is now our enterprise standard for BI."

Manager, Electrical Division Power Management Company


Download The Entire Case Study

The First Implementation of Oracle BI Applications Using 10+ Oracle & Non-Oracle Data Sources Leads To A $14 Million ROI.


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