Case Study: Premier Public University

Using Oracle BI To Change The Way Higher Education Thinks About Curriculum Planning & Management

About the University 

sellsheet casestudy PREMIERPUBLICUNIVERSITY 321

The world’s premier public university occupies a 1,232-acre campus. From this home its academic community makes key contributions to the economic and social well being of the state, and the nation.  The National Research Council has ranked 48 of the university’s 52 doctoral programs in the top 10 nationwide.

Business Drivers

The university sought to replace an aging student enrollment system with a cloud-based application for student enrollment and analysis. Additional detailed objectives included:

  1. Providing planning staff and faculty with timely information about class enrollment dynamics that included course utilization, resource utilization, overbooking, wait list management, rejects, and grade distribution. 

  2. Enforce business rules automatically. 

  3. Leverage a reporting solution that allows for advance identification, notification, and correction of issues prior to instructional periods.

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