Customer Spotlight: Hyperion Financial Planning at Colorcon


Q&A Session:

33:38: Were there any particular features in the new version of Hyperion Financial Planning that you found useful?

35:02: Did you you have any reports that were necessary to launch this new Hyperion Financial Planning application and if so which were the most critical to your business?

36:03: How many global users did you have?

36:48: On which Hyperion Planning version was this implementation performed?

37:00: Was implementing Hyperion Financial Planning over the cloud an option for Colorcon?

37:47: Can you give an example of how Hyperion Financial Planning might be used for ad hoc analysis?

38:52: How long was your Hyperion Financial Planning project?

39:37: What has been the reaction to the new release of Hyperion Financial Planning inside Colorcon?

Session Summary

Colorcon is a world leader in the development, supply and support of formulated products for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. Its core businesses include film coatings, modified release technologies, functional excipients and tablet design services. Colorcon has 18 technical service laboratories globally and more than 1200 employees

To improve the effectiveness and global user adoption of Hyperion Financial Planning for budgeting and forecasting with multi-currency support, Colorcon turned to KPI Partners as a trusted advisor and systems implementation partner. KPI also assisted Colorcon with the deployment of a new Workforce Planning application built for salary and bonus compensation.