Watch: Oracle BI Applications: Delivering Value Through Rapid Implementation









Q&A Session:

01:03: Why did you guys write this book?

02:46:  Why such an emphasis on rapid implementation?

04:24:  Expand on what the correlation might be between the road map of OBIEE and BI applications and how they intersect with one another?

05:16:  Is Informatica still used as an ETL tool for the 11g version?

05:56:  Will the new BI apps on the 7.9.6 version for BI Apps work for something like a parts database, specifically metrics such as the probability that a specific part may fail? Is that something analytics applications might be able to tackle?

06:46:  Are either of you guys familiar with Advance Collections in financial analytics?

07:15:  Within the book does it go into as much detail as defining the metrics within the BI applications?

07:59:  How would you summarize the key benefits of choosing an Oracle BI solution over another BI solution (such as Cognos or Business Objects)?

10:06:  How long will it typically take to implement out of the box financial analytics?

11:16:  Will the presentation be available on the KPI website or YouTube channel?

11:50:  What exactly is Exalytics? How does Exalytics aid the Oracle BI applications?

14:09:  If you could give a customer one piece of advice before starting implementation of a BI application, what would that piece of advice be?

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