Watch: Support For Oracle Discoverer Is Ending... What Are My Options?








Q&A Session:

00:59:  Is there any way to migrate my workbooks directly to OBIEE reports?

01:34:  Isn’t Oracle Priority Support supposed to end in 2017?

04:32:  What about the potential of migrating to BI publisher from Discoverer?

05:51:  Can the Oracle BI Applications be integrated with other ERP applications than outside of the business suite?

06:35:  Is Premier Support ending for that product as well? (Oracle BI Discoverer Desktop

06:50:  How does the KPI prebuilt content for real time differ from running a concurrent report directly on a transactional system, like EVS, doesn’t that diminish performance?

08:25:  When will Oracle release the next statement of direction for Discoverer?

09:02:  Is Oracle planning on creating a migration assistant that doesn’t require a 10g to 11g upgrade in OBIEE?

09:54:  What version of EVS does KPI’s real time solutions support?

10:24:  How does this Discoverer Support play into the lifetime support policy under EVS?

11:12:  If I have Discoverer reporting on a data warehouse schema which proposed options is best?

11:49:  After you implement OBIEE, what is a typical knowledge transfer approach look like?

12:39:  Where can one get more information on the Discoverer Migration Utility?

13:38:  Is Endeca an option for replacing discover?

14:48:  Will upgrading from Discoverer to OBIEE require additional hardware?

15:19:  If one wants to migrate from the BI Applications would they still need the metadata migration utility?

16:05:  Does KPI have a presence in Canada?

16:21:  (comment-question) We only do ADHOC queries basically dumping results into Excel or a file that users pull into their own software; Does Oracle have any product that would still meet those needs?

17:25:  We have the Hyperion 11g environment, can that be extended to incorporate OBIEE?

18:03:  Will they still need to go through all the migration processes that we mentioned to OBIEE answers to essentially do the same thing?

18:36:  Within OBIEE can users still create ADHOC reports and share them with each other?

19:42:  You said the KPI Real-Time Toolkit builds database use from workbooks, do I end up with one view for each workbook?