Performance Tuning Oracle's BI Applications





Q&A Session:

01:10 - Should we use SNOWFLAKE models?
02:39 - Are there typical performance expectations?
03:32 - What is meant by: "The Performance Layer is 'Industry Standard'"?
04:26 - How would you extend this for Essbase?
05:24 - When should a Performance Layer fit into a deployment plan?
06:27 - Are there any Performance Layer "best practices" for conducting upgrades?
07:22 - Is there an optimal number of columns for a skinny dimension?
08:20 - How do these tuning tips apply when using Exadata?
08:56 - Can you use a skinny dimension with OBIEE 10g?
09:46 - Can you create a VIEW for a skinny dimension?
10:40 - Full and Incremental Loads?
11:46 - Do you recommend building Performance Layer tables with or SQL or ETL Tools (like Informatica)?
13:27 - Can you discuss replication as it relates to the Oracle BI Performance Layer?
14:35 - Performance Layer... Data Mart? Just Skinny Tables?