Unpacking The New Oracle BI Apps (Now With ODI!)






Q&A Session

01:02 - Can a customer use an existing ODI deployment with Oracle BI Apps 11g?
02:10 - What is the upgrade path from Oracle BI Apps 7.9.X to
03:23 - Is there a virtual image available for download?
03:45 - does not support Non-Oracle sources?
04:55 - Can you use JD Edwards on SQL Server with the current version?
05:42 - Can you use Student Information Analytics with 7.9.6?
06:48 - Is there a roadmap for Informatica?
08:12 - Are ODI and GoldenGate mutually exclusive options?
09:42 - How did Oracle determine the metrics to be included in Student information Analytics?
10:52 - How does Oracle BI Apps work with Exalytics?
12:05 - Is there a separate cost for Oracle Data Integrator or GoldenGate?
13:33 - Why has Oracle decided to move from Informatica to ODI?
15:08 - Has DAC been replaced?