Webinar: Why Integrate OBIEE, Essbase, and Hyperion?







Q&A Session:

  1. Is OBIEE a replacement for Web Analysis? 
  2. Is there a conversion utility for web analysis? 
  3. Should I be using Web Analysis for Essbase reporting? 
  4. How Does SmartView fit into the picture with Essbase & Hyperion? 
  5. Are Essbase & Hyperion packaged with OBIEE? 
  6. What is the future of Brio/IR? 
  7. How should one migrate from Brio/IR to OBIEE? 
  8. Does Hyperion Financial Mgmt (HFM) fit into the mix? 
  9. How does HFM differ from Financial Analytics? 
  10. Does KPI provide a solution for Salesforce.com Analytics? 
  11. How does BI Publisher fit into the mix? 
  12. We are an OBIEE shop, what should be our next steps to leverage our Hyperion investment? 
  13. Should I move from Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio to OBIEE? 
  14. What is the recommendation for Excel on Essbase users?
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