E-Book: The Project Analytics Framework [Oracle BI]

Book Project Analytics Framework Oracle Business IntelligenceThis e-book discusses the goals and objectives of project-based analytics.

There is a saying that if it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed. Traditionally, projects have used schedules and budgets to monitor progress. This only provides part of the answer. It does not address other variables.

Just because a project comes in on time and on budget does not mean it is a success. The deliverables may be of poor quality, and there may be dozens of outstanding issues. A much broader view is required to insure a project’s ultimate success.

The Project Analytics framework presented by author Sid Goel in this e-book details the elements of a complete project analytics framework and how Oracle Project Analytics meets the needs of this framework.

"The primary goal of a Project Analytics system is to help project stakeholders meet project objectives in an optimized manner while honoring the project constraints." 

History shows that projects that are carefully managed, large or small, are considered most successful both in the short and the long term. Project Analytics systems help manage projects in almost all cases.

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