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Case Study: MasTec - KPI Cloud Analytics for HR

About MasTec

MasTec Inc. is an American multinational infrastructure engineering and construction company based in Coral Gables, Florida. The company’s core services are the engineering, building, installing, maintaining and upgrading of infrastructures and it has over 20,000 employees in North America. mastec

Business Needs

MasTec was facing challenges in getting the details and demographics of the available workforce. There were a large number of hires and terminations during the year and analyzing the nature of the environment and workforce was proving to be difficult.

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Solution Offered

KPI recommended KPI Cloud Analytics for HR with the ability to integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite. The solution was built on the Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OACS) platform. KPI offered the solution as it would meet their primary goal of getting complete visibility of employee data for a global workforce.

Selection Criteria

MasTec selected OACS in order to keep their infrastructure costs low and provide analytics in the cloud. This would enable users across the organization to access the dashboards and reports easily without IT assistance or additional infrastructure costs.

The dashboards and reports available on KPI Cloud Analytics were the need of the hour as they allowed the HR team to dig deep and analyze workforce data. They were able to understand the reasons why employees were quitting the organization and provide solutions for improving retention.

What KPI Delivered

The solution was implemented in two phases, the first phase involved deploying and training users on the standard KPI Cloud Analytics (out-of-the-box) solution. In the second phase, KPI included the changes, additional reports and enhancements done on KPI HR Analytics based on MasTec’s requirements. During this implementation, the complete server setup, ETL process, database configuration, and report administration was guided and handled by KPI Partners.

Business Benefits

  • Complete visibility of employees distributed across business locations
  • Better understanding of the workforce and the existing compensation patterns
  • Analyze workforce hiring, termination, and compensation trends
  • Provide inputs and devise better compensation structures
  • Improve work environment and improve employee retention

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