Proper Preparation To Ensure Project Success

Getting Acquainted With Your Engagement Team

Onboard graphic

Communication is a key element to helping ensure projects have the greatest opportunity for success.  To ensure proper communication prior to an official project launch, KPI Partners utilizes a pre-engagement process to streamline knowledge transfer.   

The on-boarding step covers many different areas before the engagement begins.  This is imperative so the team focus can be on meeting the goals and objectives of the client when the project is in full swing.

Sample Onboarding Tasks

Define Success Criteria
Outline Expected Deliverables
Assignment of KPI Team Members
Definition of Client Stakeholders
Definition of Client Subject Matter Experts
Detailed Role Definition
Security / Building Access
Network / VPN Access
Assignment of Workstations
Communication of Travel Policies
On-site and Offshore Work Hours
Status Report Protocol
Expense Policies
Invoicing Frequency
Recommended Lodging
Parking Protocol
Payment Terms

Sample Team Roles

Client Steering Committee/Sponsors
Client Project Manager
KPI Partners Account Manager
KPI Partners Engagement Manager
KPI Partners Project Manager
Source System Functional Experts
Source System Architect/Developer
BI System Administrator
BI Business Analyst
BI Metadata Developer
User Interface Designer
Dashboard/Report Developer
Security & Integration Specialist
Data Warehouse Architect
Database Administrators (OLTP & DW)
Operating System Administrator
ETL Team
Testing Team
Offshore Team

The delivery of our services can range from completely onsite to a combination of onsite, remote, and offshore. We match delivery of our services with your overall requirements and your project budget.

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