Oracle BI Project Analytics Quick Start Package | Download Information Sheet

Deploy in as little as 6 weeks with a fixed price and scope.


sellsheet quickstart projectanalytics 321If your organization purchased Project Analytics, you probably want to get started quickly.  The Project Analytics Quick Start Package from KPI Partners can help you take the first steps.

A project is often defined as a finite endeavor, having specific start and completion dates, undertaken to create a unique product or service which add value in terms of additional revenue or reduced cost.  All projects have constraints like dates, budgets, resources, etc.  All projects also have goals and objectives.

Project Analytics systems help to manage projects by providing key information about the project to the different key stakeholders including:

  • The project team members
  • The beneficiary of the project (i.e., employees or customers)
  • The project sponsors or steering committee
  • The project funding source (i.e., internal or external)
  • The project cost manager (could be internal finance department or customer’s finance dept)
  • The project revenue manager for customer funded projects


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