Real-Time Financial Analytics

KPI has developed a pre-built analytic application specifically designed for real-time enterprise financial analysis


Traditional business intelligence is based on daily refresh of a data warehouse and is geared towards analytical reporting. Organizations also need operational reporting that is real-time in nature but do not have the ability to wait for a data refresh during critical business times like the financial close process.

KPI Partners has developed a pre-packaged real-time finance solution for use with major ERP platforms. Using the solution with systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite enables any organization to monitor and analyze financial health throughout the organization.

"Organizations often view their ability to conduct a fast, high-quality close as a competitive advantage, rather than simply as a regulatory obligation."

KPI’s Real-Time Financial Analytics offers the capability of presenting real-time transactional information side-by-side with historical information in a single analytical environment. The application enables the presentation of up-to-the-minute reporting of key transactions while maintaining a proper level of performance for operational processing.

Real-Time Financial Close

The month-end close is the most time-sensitive period in the financial process. The focus is on transactions that may disrupt timely reporting of financial results. The following are key questions that can be addressed by KPI’s Real-Time Financial Analytics:

  • Has everything been posted? 
  • What is still on hold? 
  • What shipments haven’t been invoiced? 
  • Do my subsystems balance with the General Ledger?
  • Any changes to fixed assets that impact depreciation?
  • Which customers have credit limit issues? 
  • Is my ledger in balance after the latest posting?

Key Functionality

Real-Time Financial Analytics is delivered with out-of the-box conformed dimensions and features the following analytical capability:

  • Invoice Exceptions 
  • Adjustments 
  • Unapplied Receipts 
  • Available Credit 
  • Journal Entry Reconciliation 
  • Un-posted Items Exceptions 
  • Invoices On Hold 
  • Prepayment Status 
  • Unmatched Invoices 
  • Goods Received Not Invoiced 
  • Void Payments 
  • Asset Additions & Retirements

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