Customer Spotlight: Hyperion Financial Planning at Colorcon

Colorcon's Global Finance Team profiles the the successes and challenges behind the performance management solution at Colorcon.

  • Part 1 - About Colorcon
  • Part 2 - Business Drivers
  • Part 3 - Obstacles
  • Part 4 - Success Criteria
  • Part 5 - The Solution
  • Part 6 - Results & ROI
  • Part 7 - What To Do Differently
  • Part 8 - Q&A Session

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Q&A Session:

33:38: Were there any particular features in the new version of Hyperion Financial Planning that you found useful?

35:02: Did you you have any reports that were necessary to launch this new Hyperion Financial Planning application and if so which were the most critical to your business?

36:03: How many global users did you have?

36:48: On which Hyperion Planning version was this implementation performed?

37:00: Was implementing Hyperion Financial Planning over the cloud an option for Colorcon?

37:47: Can you give an example of how Hyperion Financial Planning might be used for ad hoc analysis?

38:52: How long was your Hyperion Financial Planning project?

39:37: What has been the reaction to the new release of Hyperion Financial Planning inside Colorcon?